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Fraud & Scams does not take any part in transactions. It merely connects buyers & sellers. I know there are scammers out there but most people are generally honest. I've done many online transactions from forums & other sites without any problems. If you feel hesitant about any transaction don't do it.

When creating the site I wanted a way for a member to establish some type of credibility. On there listing you will see how long they have been a member & what else they have for sale. Being a new site of course the time will not be very long. There will also be a feedback option for buyers & sellers available soon.

It's hard to tell who is a scammer so here are some useful tips:

  1. If you know the ruff price of an item & it's listed for a fraction of that cost.
  2. The grammar is very poor.
  3. Offers to send you funds 1st from a 3rd party & then you send the rest to them.
  4. A very aggressive / pushy seller.
  5. Won't give you any additional information about them selves.
  6. Seller requests you to use only a specific merchant for the transaction.
  7. If you are meeting with the seller go to a very pubic place.
  8. Will take a partial payment & ship the item.

If you are a victim of any fraud you can call your local Authorities or try:

The Internet Crime Complaint Center


Canadian Anti Fraud Centre